Consumer Insight

Consumers want more.  Consumer behavior is changing fast: new apps, websites, and social media networks are on the scene all the time.   Technologies are changing every day – what’s working today is different than what worked last year. There is opportunity to benefit from the changes in consumer behavior by understanding how people consume information.  We “go where they go.”  The game is to be in the right place at the right time with a compelling message.

OMG can help you understand your consumers, and possibly redefine who you think your target markets are.  Understanding who is doing what requires data segmentation and analysis.

  • Learn about our Market Research Campaigns and Niche Targeting
  • Learn how to focus on the customer experience
  • Define the niche markets within your audiences
  • Learn about the quickly changing ecosystem your consumers are using to find information
  • Learn what works and doesn’t for each type of consumer
  • Learn how we follow our tribes and trust our peers
  • Learn how your consumers “consume” information, including what devices they’re using and where they spend time

Recent studies show that brands that take a human approach are better at connecting with consumers and gaining trust. Visit our content creation and blogging service to learn more ways to gain consumer trust.