Media Buying & Planning

Our job is to know every newspaper, magazine and website that is relevant and potentially valuable to our real estate clients. To that end, we track hundreds of websites, plus “traditional” media. We regularly meet with media representatives to discover new opportunities.

The custom marketing programs we create for our clients are based on audience insights and analysis of how people use the media, whether for research, for “transactions,” or purely for entertainment. We evaluate each medium’s ability to reach a given audience by looking at demographics, behavior / psychographics, and “big data” analysis.

Our media plans are thoughtful and strategic, designed to meet your goals at a cost-effective budget, whether over a few months or an entire year.

Media plans are living, evolving documents. Each month we review the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and make recommendations for improving the plan. Any healthy marketing plan must be continually refined and optimized to attain peak performance.