Search engine marketing

Paid search ads can generate leads instantly. If managed properly, SEM can be a very cost-effective way to generate qualified leads. However, if not properly managed, Pay-Per-Click can be expensive and wasteful.

Our team is certified by Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We are also official “Google Partners,” certified to meet and exceed Google’s own standards for agency performance and service. We combine advanced technical knowledge with local real estate marketing know-how.

Pay Per Click can put your business in front of a wide audience right from the start. You can judge whether your keywords and phrases are working and make adjustments immediately. We provide detailed reporting and analysis while closely managing the campaigns. OMG does the research, setup, management, optimization and reporting. We check in with your sales office weekly to check your needs and current availability.

Search can be great for branding and even better for transactions. Adwords campaigns help capture searches, but can also include display ads and remarketing campaigns. This allows you to drive more users while gaining insight on where they go, and increase chances for them to return to your website.