Every customer is unique.

OMG is, above all, your strategic partner. For each project, we develop a unique marketing strategy, based on thorough analysis and deep experience. Our goal is to bring your business to a higher level of visibility and profitability.

  • Discovery

    First, we listen. We gain a clear understanding of your goals, your past experience and your current insight. Then, we dive deep into your data to identify pain points and opportunities.

  • Brainstorm

    We take a step back and think about what is possible for your business. Using our access to consumer data, we plot out a roadmap that includes media planning, timelines and milestones.

  • Create & Iterate

    OMG can create marketing and advertising materials to set you apart from the competition. Or, we can work with your existing creative firm to adapt concepts for use online.

  • Execute

    We roll up our sleeves and make magic happen. Through a multi-channel approach, we amplify your online visibility and generate leads using the most impactful and relevant online tools.

  • Measure

    To see where we're going, we keep a close eye on where we've been. Data is our science. At OMG, we monitor your website data continually to optimize your online investment. We provide monthly analysis and insight to move your business forward.

  • Evolve

    The pace of change is accelerating. Our job is to keep you apprised of new techniques and technologies. Together, we adapt to make your marketing smarter while maximizing your ROI.