Our Approach

We begin with consumers. It’s our science and expertise to understand how people research and find products, services, and even a home. One fact is clear – in today’s world, people consume media in multiple ways using multiple channels.

This is why OMG believes in multi-channel marketing. Our marketing campaigns are designed to blend media to deliver a relevant, compelling message directly to your target audience. Multichannel targeting includes search, social, websites, blogs, videos, outdoor, newspapers, and magazines.

For marketing programs to be successful, there needs to be shared and consistent messaging across all media. Digital, print, search – if they’re going to work well, they need to work together. To capture the right people at the right time – with the right messaging – we use consumer insight with advanced niche targeting.

Consumers are exposed to so much advertising that they’ve learned to filter out the most generic “noise.” To break through the clutter, marketing must be interesting and relevant to their specific needs and interests.

Our job is to create impactful campaigns that capture attention and convince people to take the next step by calling, visiting or submitting an online contact form.

Our Past

Online Marketing Group was founded in 2005, when we realized that the way that people were consuming information was radically changing.

OMG was born out of the desire to be ahead of the curve, using the latest and greatest methods to exceed our client’s goals, in the channels that traditional advertising agencies weren’t ready to enter.

Specializing in the ever-changing field of Digital Marketing, OMG thrives not only on the marketing techniques that work, but also on the marketing techniques that are next.

Our Family

We’re a group of individuals who love what we do. We care deeply about helping our clients succeed and reach their goals. We believe in trust-based relationships with each of our clients. That means that we strive daily to earn and keep the mutual respect and trust from each of the people we work with.

OMG culture is based on passion for what we do as marketers, real estate experts, and online animals. We really do love online.

Our team members share a strong internal bond and, much like a family, we all have the same basic values. We like to have fun and truly believe that the success of our clients is the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of our work.

Behind every website, every data point, are people. At OMG, we strive to put people first while delivering valuable, honorable services for each of our clients.

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    Ilana SchwartzCEO